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Bioextruder for organics

The simplest, easiest and most effective solution for the organic fraction treatment.

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Recyclable waste:
- Organic waste
- Wood waste
- Wood chips
- Compost oversize
- Bark


- Organic matter for anaerobic digesters
- Compost and organic fraction for anaerobic digestion
- Wood fiber

Treatment capacity

Compost and organic fraction for anaerobic digestion
25 - 40 m³/h, depending on the mixture composition, the structure and the end size of the product required

Wood fiber
20 - 40 m³/h according to the requirements of the product and to the characteristics of the feedstock

The output is a mix with characteristics of high reactivity compared to the raw material, due to:

  • Increased porosity

  • Higher oxygenation capacity.

  • Increase of the surface available for the aerobic bacteria.

  • Structural optimization of the composting material.

  • Reduced moisture content


• Continuous process
• Increase of biogas yield +50%
• No water required
• Low maintenance cost
• Great shorting of the composting time.
• Less surface required for composting.

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