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Promeco defibering Bioextruder © PES600-c

Bioextruder Promeco is the simplest, easiest and the most efficient solution for the organic fraction treatment. The technology comes from Promeco Extruder System® machine used for several years in plastic and waste treatment.

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Recyclable waste:
- Wood scraps
- Compost oversize
- Bark


- Wood fiber
- Peat substitute

Treatment capacity

According to the requirements of the product and to the characteristics of the lignocelluloses waste, it varies between 20 and 40 m³/h.

System flexibility

The feedstock could have different size, water content, density and composition: Bioextruder system has been designed to handle this difference in the best way. The control system, based on the PLC logic, continuously checks the most important parameters as current and temperature on the plate of the machine and then sets the working process automatically.

Advantages of the treatment with Bioextruder

  • Continuous process

  • Increase of biogas yield +50%

  • No water required

  • Low maintenance cost

Lignocelluloses ground material with high density, specific weight from 140 to 200 kg/m³, chemical and physical parameters similar to those of the peat and analogous utilization in agriculture, floriculture and topsoil segment.

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