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Briquetting Promeco Extruder System PES600-F-400

PES-F briquetting machine is able to make circular section briquettes with diameter sized from 60 to 100 mm.

Briquetting Promeco Extruder System  PES600-F-400 cover


- Mix of plastics, paper and cardboard, textiles and wood
- MSW dry fraction
Industrial solid waste (similar to urban waste)
- Mix composed by the dry fraction of municipal waste used as RDF (lightweight plastics, textiles, wood, paper and cardboard);
- ASR Car fluff


- CSS briquettes
- Briquettes of mixed waste

The PES has been designed to handle the differences of waste as size, moisture, density and composition in the best way and is able to keep the production capacity and the quality of the output. The main motor is generously oversized to keep the production speed even with hard-to-process material.

The control system is based on PLC to monitor several parameters continuously, expecially power consumption.


The briquettes produced have different shapes and are sized from 40 to 200 mm. They are medium-compact with high adherence and can be shred by a shredder without grid to obtain a mixed material blend with high density and sized from 5 to 80mm that makes them suitable to fluidized bed furnaced.

The density ranges from 0,4 to 1,2 kg / dm³ and moisture is between 2 and 11% according to the composition of the feedstock.

The capacity also varied depending on the features of the waste and the desired production. It can reach 3500 kg/h.


  • Reduced densification time

  • Fewmachineries to be installed and managed, reduced investment costs

  • Small footprint

  • Low electrical power installed and used

  • Ease of mainteinance

  • Increased yield and versatility of the system

  • Low managing and operation costs

Briquetting Promeco Extruder System PES600-F-400 pre-gallery
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