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Centrifuge for organic POS

Centrifuge for organic POS cover


Organic waste


Cleaned organic waste

Promeco Organic Separator is a centrifuge from the plastic field that has been engineered and sized for hard operation in continuous and with materials stronger than the OFMSW.

A special screw conveys the de-fibered material inside the drum. It turns at a very high speed and has holes from 10 to 15mm. The material is compacted due to centrifugal force and moved forward by a screw. The material is pushed against the drum and gets out from its holes and the biggest material gets out from the back of the drum. Adding water necessary to anaerobic digestion makes the organic matter easier to be transported. Since the material exit from the holes, the wearing of moving parts is extremely low.


Up to 8 mc/h – about 3600 kg/h

It depends on the features of the feedstock

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