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Eco centrifuge pec

The Promeco Eco Centrifuge PEC is specifically designed for the separation of water from plastics.

Eco centrifuge pec cover


- Film
- Mixed plastics
- Waste pulper
- Tetrapack


Dry material with humidity <5%

The development of PEC machinery has led to the increase of an internal scraping system that increased drying efficiency maintaining the holes for water outlet always clean.

The feeding screw conveys the wet plastic material inside the drum, that rotates at high speed (130 km/h). A screw inside the drum enables the material going forward due to centrifugal force. This force and continuous turning of the material  inside the drum make water exit from the drum holes’ and is collected under the machine. The dryed material gets out at the end of the drum from dedicated openings.

Main features

The entire structure can bear heavy loads, all components are strung and sturdy and forces ara balanced.

  • Continuous automatic lubrication of the bearings

  • Reduced mainteinance time

  • Adjustable speed of the motor and augers

  • Optimal drying capacity for every material

  • PEC can be activated both automatically and manually

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