Promeco is an Italian Company based in Como that manufactures, on proprietary technology, plants and equipment for waste recycling, material recovery or production of finished goods

Founded in 1996, Promeco has always been involved in green economy, while innovation, R&D, passionate and skilled team along with the customer satisfaction have always been the success of Promeco and they still are the peculiarities of our Company. The ability to challenge ideas and concepts and to interact with partners has always allowed Promeco to stay highly competitive and to be an ideal partner for the worldwide market.

 Besides the historical Promeco-patented equipment, like single and double shafts shredders, extruders, densifiers, briquetting machines, separators, squeezers and centrifuges, the Company offers a wide range of turn-key plants, among which:

  • briquetting and pelletizing plants
  • shredding plants
  • plants for RDF production
  • plants to produce second raw material and finished products
  • plants for recycling of post-consumer plastic waste
  • plant for the catalytic conversion of mixed plastic waste into liquid fuel
  • plants for recycling of waste pulper
  • plants for wood fiber production from green waste and biomass fiber
  • plants for the pretreatment of the organic matter of MSW for anaerobic digestion

in addition to the consolidated plants, Promeco can offer customized plants.

Promeco has always been linked to the machine Promeco Extruder System, simply known as PES which is still a machine of incomparable versatility and efficiency. The PES is successfully used in five different market segments and Promeco manufactures about a dozen pieces per year.






Promeco was founded in 1996 when Paolo Rebai, after the experience gained at his family’s construction company, decided to start a business on his own in environmental field, running ahead the market demand.

At that time the Maastricht Treaty put the protection of the environment as top purpose of European Community and many companies, public authorities and consumers begun to face the waste disposal problem in the name of a common sense of responsibility.

Thanks to the cooperation with company UTL from Vienna, long experienced engineering company in waste recycling plants, Promeco has gained experience and know-how in composting and anaerobic digestion fields. These plants were among the first of anaerobic digestion from OFMSW and have been the first plants commissioned to Promeco by SAAB in Salzburg, which were at that time an efficient example of processing and valorization of municipal and industrial waste both from technological point of view and location, that was perfectly impacted in the nearby town.

Promeco has continuously widened his range of products offered adding new plants and specializing in manufacturing of patented equipment which have been located both in Italy and abroad.

In year 2000 Promeco acquired the Swiss company Dokex, the worldwide known manufacturer of the Extruder®.

Consequently, the Extruder, which was a Swiss manufactured product, has undergone some innovations and became Italian under the name Promeco Extruder System®. It is still a machine of incomparable efficiency and versatility. Now the PES is successfully used in five different market segments and we manufacture about a dozen of pieces per year.

Besides this historical equipment, Promeco manufactures a wide range of machinery like single and double shafts shredders, air separators, briquetting machines, single and double screw extruders, squeezers and centrifuges, pre-treatment equipment for anaerobic digestion, processing lines for post-consumer plastics which place Promeco on the market both as manufacturer of single machinery and of complete turn-key plants (see “plants” on this website).

Promeco joined Chemical Recycling Europe in 2020, the association whose members offer innovative technology to endlessly recycle all plastic waste for a more sustainable and circular economy.



The wide experience gained on field by Promeco has given strong expertise: from pure engineering  in the 1990s to construction of single machinery to be used in its plants and process, Promeco could develop tailored solutions to specific requirements and not only standardized machines as those available on the market.

Promeco solutions fill the market gaps because they are ad-hoc engineered: Promeco plants are composed for 80% by machinery at 100% designed, constructed and assembled by the same Promeco, which is still the customer after-sale referent thanks to its well-stocked storage.
The constant R&D is a strength that allows the development of new processes in response to specific needs of the waste problem, which requires to anticipate future lifestyle and environmental laws which are constantly changing.

The long history of Promeco is the guarantee of business continuity, its economic and financial viability gives unquestioned integrity and reliability, proving to customers that they are dealing with a serious Company providing long-lasting machines and plants

The Company policy focuses on product quality: robustness and functionality of the machines that maintain their value over time.
The ability to challenge ideas and concepts and to interact with partners worldwide has allowed and still allows Promeco to stay highly competitive and to be an ideal partner for the world market.


Via Tevere 51  - 22073 Fino Mornasco (Como) Italy
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Sede legale: Via Mugiasca 4 22100 Como  ITALY
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Cap. Soc. euro 400.000 i. v.

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Promeco S.p.A
Via Tevere 51
22073 Fino Mornasco (Como) Italy
phone +39 031 267331