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Continuous densifier Promeco Extruder System PES600-M-400

The Promeco Extruder System PES is the simplest, most flexible, efficient and effective solution for the densification and agglomeration of the plastic.

Continuous densifier Promeco cover


- Thermoplastic and plastic waste
- Mixed plastic with similar melting point
- PE from washing line, PP, EPS, Tetrapack
- Plastics (LPDE, HPDE, PP, EPS, Al+PE, different polyolefins, etc.)


- Fully melted and homogenized plastic
- Output diameter 25 - 60mm
- Moisture < 1%

Promeco Densifier PES600 is the most effective solution to densify materials having moisture up to 15%.

Multiple-holes outlet matrix allows the shaping of strings of densified material that can be easily shred and grinded to be stocked in big-bags or into silos.

Processing capacity

The processing capacity mainly depends on the features of plastic feedstocks. The average capacity is about 1500 kg/h for a feedstock with <15% moisture.


· Fully melted polymers

· Degassing of inked materials

· Mixing and homogenisation of recyclable plastics

· Plastic drying

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