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Densification and pelletizing line COMBO

The innovative Promeco Pelletizer is the combination of Promeco Extruder System PES with the traditional single screw extruder.

Continuous densifier Promeco cover


- Mixed plastics
- Plastics from washing plants
- Agricultural film
- Plastics (PE, HDPE, EPS, PP, PA6)


- Pellet

The COMBO PES+PE allows the complete removal of moisture from the plastics degassing the material.

this system is suitable to process materials with high ink content that degas due to high temperatures achieved.

PES+PE COMBO is also suitable to densify polyamide allowing the recycle of hard-to-recycle materials as fishing nets, nylon fishnet, nylon carpet made of PA6 or similar.

The densification and pelletization line is the combination of Promeco Extruder System PES600 and Pellettizer Promeco PE300 directly connected,


· Removes moisture

· Blends mixed waste materials

· Blends eventual additives

· Turns the materials from solid to melt


Increases the temperature up to 380-400°C

Completely Degases the material

Brings the material to the necessary pressure for the output filter


Up to 1.500 kg/h

Advantages of the COMBO PES&PE

· Blending and homogeneisation of different polymers

· Melt material, homogeneous and continuous

· Dry output product

· Reduced melting time

· Few machines installed and to be managed, reduction of investment costs

· Reduced footprint

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