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Chemical Recycling

- Idrocarburo liquido
(resa: 1 kg di polimero = 1 litro di idrocarburo liquido)
- Gas
- Coke

Chemical recycling

Chemical Recycling can treat difficult-to-recycle plastics and turn them back into their original building blocks.
Chemical Recycling recycles plastics again and again, with no deterioration of quality. The PromecoChemical Recycling process can take without washing and separating by polymer type, mixed post-consumer plastic waste, which would otherwise have been sent to landfill or incineration.
Plastic waste is returned to its original molecular vapor form allowing for the cleaning of all impurities. Once the impurities are removed a condensation process returns vapor to a liquid state and then finally to a solid state that allows for the production of virgin-like quality pellets that can be used for new high quality products.

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