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Agricultural film recycling

A plant for the recycling of agricultural film

LDPE Film washing line and pellet regeneration cover


LDPE film from agricultural


- LDPE pellet


The PROMECO SPA agricultural film recycling plant is specially designed to treat plastic films used in agriculture, such as, for example, sheets for covering land and greenhouses. These films are made from low density polyethylene (LDPE) and often end up as waste, causing environmental problems. The PROMECO SPA plant makes it possible to recover and regenerate the LDPE from these agricultural films, creating a cycle of sustainable use.
The recycling process of PROMECO SPA plants for agricultural film begins with the collection and separation of plastic waste. Agricultural films are shredded and shredded to reduce them into smaller pieces. Subsequently, the fragments are washed to remove impurities and contaminants present on the surface of the films. The plant uses advanced technologies such as centrifuges, filters and separation systems to obtain effective washing and complete cleaning of the plastic material.

LDPE Film washing line and pellet regeneration pre-gallery
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