The Promeco Extruder System PES is the simplest, most flexible, efficient and effective solution for the densification and agglomeration of the plastic.


Recyclable waste:

  • Thermoplastic and plastic waste
  • Mixed plastic with similar melting point
  • PE from washing line, PVC, PP, EPS, Tetrapack
  • Plastics (LPDE, HPDE, PP, EPS, PVC, Al+Pe, Different polyolefin, etc.)


Features of the output product:

  • Fully melted and homogenized plastic
  • Output diameter 25 - 60mm
  • Moisture < 1%





PES Densificatore 3D





The Promeco Extruder System PES is a continuous densifier with counter-rotating augers suitable for the densification of any type of low melting plastics.









PES Densificatore




PES Densifier Configuration



The material is fed to the feeding bunker and dosed  by the vibrating table which homogenizes the material before the extrusion chamber. Here two counter-rotating screws exert friction on the material and take it up to 180°C to be melted. The melted fuse gets out from the discharge matrix.



 The treatment capacity depends mainly on the characteristics of the input plastics. The production is about 1500 kg/h with input moisture < 15%.


 Advantages of the treatment with PES

  • Lower space required for the equipment
  • Lower power installed and used than normal system
  • Simplified maintenance time and costs
  • High productivity and versatility
  • Low management and operation cost


System flexibility

Waste has different size, water content, density and composition variable so the PES densifier has been projected to handle this difference automatically in the best way.




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