KR shredders have over 20 years of proven experience and mean realiability, efficiency and solidity.
Our shredders are designed to meet the client’s needs or can be chosen among the different models available. Promeco offers machines with rotors’ lenght from 1000 mm to 2800 mm, and with diameter from 440 mm to 730 mm and motors from 45kW to 250kW. Motors can be hydraulic or mechanical.

Recyclable waste:

  • MSW inorganic fraction
  • Plastic / rubber
  • Packaging waste
  • Light metals as aluminum profiles,cans, light iron scraps
  • Textile scraps
  • WEEE (waste electrical and electronicequipment)
  • Industrial products
  • Leather
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Wood waste
  • Cables



  • Robustness
  • Optimizzation of the cutting process
  • Reliability
  • Versatility
  • Easy of maintenance




shredder kr 3D 




The material is loaded into the feeding hopper where a pusher moves the material towards the rotor which cuts the material with a clean cut  between rotating knives and fixed counter-knives. The shred material goes out from the grid below and it is conveyed through a belt or a suction system.


KR Foto1




Promeco KR shredders answer the more diverse customer needs, in terms of production capacity and materials to process.
The machines are offered in several configurations, differing in:

  • Size
  • Motor power
  • Number of knives and counter­knives

kr Shredder Configuration


The rotor


KR Rotor


Our models


Models from to
Rotor lenght 1.000 mm 2.800 mm
Rotor diameter 440 mm 730 mm
Mechanical motor 45 kW 132 kW
Hydraulic motor 160 kW 250 kW
Grid holes 10 mm 100 mm
Production 1.000 kg/hour 12.000 kg/hour



 KR Foto2       KR Foto3  




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