Recyclable waste:



Output material:

  • Pulperizzed organic fraction for anaerobic digestion


Pre trattamento DA



The process


4 passaggi necessari per massimizzare le prestazioni


1. Promeco Bag-opener PBO


To open the bags without breacking the input waste

  • Two shafts
  • Hook designed to open the bags without breaking the content, blades designed to prevent the hooking of the plastic bags, independent speed and rotating sense of the rotors, adjustable by inverter
  • Adjustable distance between the blades
  • Countercombs to optimize the breaking of the input waste


2. Promeco star screen PDS

To remove plastics from organic

  • Screen with anti-wrapping system
  • Reduced footprint


3. Bioextruder Promeco

To pulp and to smash the organic waste

  • Organic smashing without cutting plastic
  • Increased surface for a better attack from bacteria


4. Separatore organico Promeco

To clean organic from plastics and contaminants

  • Sorting of organic from not-organic material
  • Screw for drum cleaning
  • Possibility to add water
  • The high speed pushes the organic matter through the holes and the plastics are discharged at the end of the machine




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