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Eco centrifuge pec

The Promeco Eco Centrifuge PEC is specifically designed for the separation of water from plastics.

Eco centrifuge pec


- Film
- Mixed plastics
- Waste pulper
- Tetrapack


Input material is loaded into a small feeding bunker, where a screw doses and leads the material into the rotary dryer basket, which rotates at a very high speed.
The centrifugal force is exerted on the material, which is propelled towards the internal surface of the basket and is dewatered. The water is collected at the bottom of the machine.
A screw inside the basket allows the advancement of the material and the continuous cleaning of the internal surface of basket; moreover it continuously mixes the material, optimizing the efficiency of the process.
The  entire  structure  can  bear  heavy  loads,  all  the components are strong and solid, the forces are balanced.


  • Automatic continuous lubrication of the bearings

  • Reduced time needed for maintenance.

  • Adjustable motor and augers speed

  • Optimal dewatering capacity for every type of material

  • PEC can be operated either automatically or manually

  • Continuous process to dry plastic film from washing line, humidity from 30% down to 8%

ECO centrifuge pec pre-galley
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