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Promeco anti-wrapping screen PEV

Promeco anti-wrapping screen PEV

he Promeco star screens PEV is the most reliable screen for the separation of all kind of material.

The PEV consists of several parallel rollers installed on a supporting structure and powered by a motor and movement transmission devices. Each roller is a shaft on which several discs and idle tubes are fixed. While the rotation of the shafts moves along further the material, the fine material falls between the discs on the conveyor belt.

The unique feature of the PEV is that every idle tube is provided with a rod connected to another horizontal rod adapted to prevent the complete rotation of the idle tubes: this mechanism allows the PEV to screen every kind of material, even the thinnest ones that would otherwise twist on the rollers causing a blockage of the system.

Eco centrifuge pec


- Mixed plastics
- Industrial waste
- Paper / Cardboard
- Compost oversize



  • High efficiency

  • Ease of operation

  • Remarkable versatility

  • Precise and easy to operate setting system

ECO centrifuge pec pre-galley
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