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Promeco Eco Dryer PED

The Promeco ECO Dryer PED is a squeezer designed to reduce the moisture contained in the feedstock

Promeco Centrifuge PEC cover


- Recycled polyethylene/polypropylene film entering the washing line
- Mixed plastics
- Paper mill waste
- Movie
- Mixed plastic
- Tetrapack


Dry material with moisture <10%

The material is fed into a hopper continuously and the ìs conveyed into the squeezing chamber

The ma nin screw compacts and squeezes the material against a grid from which water gets out from holes and is collected into a vat under the PED

On the front side of the machine there is a hydraulic cylinder that manages the outlet matrix causing a pressure increase and optimizes the squeezing.

The PLC maximizes opening and closing of the matrix through cylinder pressure that is bound to the Amps of the main motor.

Production capacity
800 kg/h of output product with 10% H2O

1000 kg/h of output product with 12% H2O

Promeco Centrifuge PEC pre-gallery
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