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Rotor Shears Promeco PRS

PRS shredder has been engineered for a sharp cut for every material. Cutting discs are designed according to the material to be shred. The PRS is equipped with rotor cleaning system.

Bag opener Promeco PBO cover


- Industrial waste
- Packaging
- Pulper from paper mill


Pre-shred material with different size

The Promeco Rotor Shears Shredder PRS is designed to shred C&I waste. The machine is equipped with two rotors with independent motors. The rotors are made of a series of hook discs that allow grasping and cutting of the material.


  • bearing box detached from the machine body

  • blades coated in resistant steel

  • no middle cutting tables

  • reliability

  • versatility

  • ease of maintenance

Processing capacity

The processing capacity reaces 20 t/h and can vary according to size and density of the material, motor’s power and rotors’ size. The non-shreddable materials are automatically rejected.

Models available

Rotor’s length: 1000 - 1500 - 2000 - 2500 mm

Power: 2x37,5 kW - 2x75 kW - 2x132 kW

Customized models upon request

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