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Single Shaft Shredder Promeco KR

KR shredders boast over 20 years of proven experience and mean reliability, efficiency and robustness.
KR shredders are specially designed to meet the client’s needs or can be chosen among the different models available

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- MSW inorganic fraction
- Plastic / rubber
- Packaging waste
- Light metals as aluminum profiles,cans, - light iron scraps
- Textile scraps
- WEEE (waste electrical and electronicequipment)
- Industrial products
- Leather
- Paper and cardboard
- Wood waste
- Cables


Shred material in size 10-50mm

KR Shredder is a slow shredder that operates at 60-80 rpm and reduces all materials in volume through an optimized cutting process that, due to the lower position of the pusher towards the rotor axis, allows optimal productions with minor power installed.

The form and position of the blades can vary according to the materials to be processed and client’s needs.

The interchangeable grid defines the size of the output shred material.

Main features

  • Robustness

  • Standard blades easy to be found on the market

  • Optimized cutting system

  • Reliability

  • Versatility

  • Ease of maintenance

  • Customizable machine

Models available

Rotor’s length: from 1000 to 3500 mm

Rotor’s diameter: from 400 to 730 mm

Mechanical transmission: from 45 to 132 kW

Hydraulic transmission: over 160 kW

Customized models upon request

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