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Promeco anti-wrapping PEV screen

Promeco PEV screen is able to screen every kind of waste, even stringy ones.

Promeco anti-wrapping PEV screen cover


- Mixed plastics
- Industrial waste
- Paper / Cardboard
- Compost oversize


Underscreen and overscreen

The PEV screen is equipped with hexagonal shaped discs made of several parallel rollers installed on holding structure and powered by a motor and movement transmission devices. Each roller is made of a shaft on which discs and idle tubes are fixed. Every idle tube is provided with a rod connected to an horizontal rod connected to the screen’s structure that prevents the complete rotation of the idle tubes and thus the twisting of the material on the discs.

The material loaded onto the PEV is conveyed by the discs to the discharge end of the screening surface causing the falling of fine fraction between the discs on the conveyor belt placed under the screen.

Models available

Width:  from 1000 to 1600 mm

Length: from 2000 to 6000 mm

Screening section: from 30 to 150 mm


The capacity depends on the material, the screening section and the granulometry of the material to be processed.

Promeco anti-wrapping PEV screen pre-gallery
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