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PDS-R Screen - rubber disk

Screen with rubber discs

Promeco anti-wrapping PEV screen cover


- Mixed plastics
- Compost oversize
- Wood fiber
- Peat


Underscreen and overscreen

PDS-R is a screen with rubber discs made of several parallel rollers installed on a holding structure and powered by a motor and movement transmission devices.

Each roller is made of a shaft on which rubber star discs are fixed.

While the discs allow the material to move forward the fine fraction sized <25mm falls.

The peculiarity of PDS-R screen is the innovative geometry of the discs: one finger is longer than the others so that it can keep clean both the previous and the next shaft while rotating. This self-cleaning system makes the maintenance of the screen much easier.

The screen is supplied completed with an electrical cabinet to manage the screening speed.

Models available

Width:  from 1000 to 1600 mm

Length: from 2000 to 6000 mm

Screening section: from 15 to 35 mm


The capacity depends on the material, the screening section and the granulometry of the material to be processed.

Promeco anti-wrapping PEV screen pre-gallery
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