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Promeco®: Chemical recycling plant for sustainable future

Against environmental degradation and pro-sustainability: Promeco® is at the forefront with innovative solutions

Italian manufacturer of mechanical and chemical recycling lines, Promeco® is at the forefront of innovative technologies designed to combat the ever-growing challenge of plastic waste.

The urgency of plastic waste management

Plastic pollution has reached alarming levels globally, with devastating consequences for ecosystems, wildlife, and human health.

The mechanical recycling, while effective to some extent, faces its own set of challenges, including contamination and limited recyclability of certain plastics.

Through mechanical recycling the plastic waste is transformed into Secondary Raw Material, which can be used as a semi-finished product in new production processes. But mechanical recycling cannot go on indefinitely: its excessive use involves the alteration of the material with the consequent impoverishment of the polymer chains.

The other alternative traditional methods of waste management, such as landfilling and incineration, fall short in ad- dressing the magnitude of this crisis.

Enter Promeco®: Chemical recycling revolutionaries

Promeco® stands out with its commitment to tackling plastic pollution through its cutting-edge chemical recycling technology.

Chemical recycling is complementary to the mechanical one which has obvious limits in the valorization of the mixed, heterogeneous and compound wastes and cannot go on in- definitely.

Chemical recycling allows the recycling of a wider range of plastics, including mixed or contaminated and produces a material with qualities comparable to virgin material:

it breaks down plastic polymers into their molecular components and allows for the creation of new, high-quality materials.

How chemical recycling works

At the heart of Promeco®'s operations is its advanced chemical recycling plant.

The PROMECO® Chemical Recycling Plant is a merging of process and equipment that have been designed and produced over the last 28 years by Promeco®. The data and tangible experience that has been collected and optimized gives Promeco the ability, know-how and experience to engineer a best-in-class solution.

These advanced recycling line utilizes various processes such as pyrolysis, depolymerization, and gasification to transform plastic waste into valuable resources. Through con- trolled heating and chemical reactions, plastics are converted into feedstocks, which can be used as raw mate- rials in the production of plastics or other chemicals.

Quality output

The end products of chemical recycling are of high quality, suitable for use in various industries.

This ensures a closed-loop system where plastics can be continuously recycled without compromising performance or integrity.

Currently Promeco is working a chemical recycling project in Finland for Lamor, a company with a long experience in combining the best technologies in the field and who believes that building a chemical recycling facility for plastics is an ambitious, yet logical next step towards a cleaner to- morrow.

The output from the Promeco® chemical recycling plant will be sold to Shell for further refining into a suitable raw material for plastics producers.

Reduced environmental impact

Today the producers of virgin polymers are under intense pressure from all stakeholders to find ways to recycle plastics, maximize efficiency to provide a solution that is both sustainable and profitable. Currently the key goal of all stakeholders is the reduction of polymers from natural re- sources as well as in increase in reusing current plastic waste thanks to chemical recycling technology.

By diverting plastic waste, which cannot be mechanically recycled, from landfills and incinerators, chemical recycling significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and environmental pollution.

It contributes to the circular economy by promoting re- source conservation and minimizing reliance on virgin materials.

Promeco® impact and innovation

With a track record of successful waste recycling projects worldwide, Promeco® is currently proving the viability and effectiveness of chemical recycling in addressing plastic waste challenges.

Their innovative solution not only mitigates environmental harm but also creates economic opportunities by establishing sustainable supply chains and fostering technological advancements.

Shaping a sustainable future

In the fight against plastic pollution, Promeco® stands as a testament to the power of innovation and dedication. Through its mechanical & chemical recycling plants, it offers a sustainable pathway towards a cleaner, greener future.

However, its efforts alone are not enough: collective action and support from governments, industries, and individuals are crucial to realizing a world where waste is minimized, re- sources are conserved, and the planet thrives.

As we embrace the promise of advanced and sustainable te- chnologies, we take a significant step towards building a more resilient and harmonious relationship with the environment.


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