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TEDxLakeComo | Saturday, November 11th and Sunday, November 12th, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Promeco S.p.a. reaffirms its support TEDxLakeComo as a visionary partner, to be held at Villa Erba on November 11 and 12. This unique opportunity will allow us to share our passion for innovation and our commitment to supporting innovative ideas that deserve to be spread.

The event is a unique opportunity to learn about innovations and reflect on topical issues thanks to high-profile speakers in the unique atmosphere of Villa Erba on Lake Como.

This year's title ILLIMITE, is meant to be an invitation to reinterpret the old and explore the new.

In perfect TED style, men and women who think, research, undertake, innovate, create, and experiment with ideas worth sharing will return to the stage. In a journey of inspiration, with exceptional fellow travelers we will be invited to explore the limit and the limitless, to step forward together in the never-ending quest for a slightly better world.

Don't forget to register for the event. Tickets will be available starting July 21.

Best regards,

The team of Promeco S.p.A.


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