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Women's empowerment in the service of achievement

Highlighting its commitment to women's empowerment, Promeco has recently collaborated with Cristina Pedretti, a coach, trainer and business consultant specializing on soft skills enhancement for business organizational development and the spread of gender equity.

Putting her specific training on design and new training methodologies to use, she launched a project to analyze the needs of the Woman in Plastics (WIP), the Italian community of women working in the plastic-rubber sector: the data tell that they are rational and sensitive women, dynamic professionals, managers and entrepreneurs. All with a strong passion for human relations and the sustainable success of their respective businesses.

Ambitious women to whom Cristina Pedretti then provided several insights in a webinar entitled "Empowerment in the service of personal and professional fulfillment" , which also aimed to present participants with possible strategies to be acquired and tested through future training opportunities dedicated to the community.

The challenges that emerged were mainly related to the following themes:

  • family management and thus pursuit of work/life balance through more effective time management;

  • consolidation of leadership and 'assertiveness.

In fact, social conditioning, the gender dream gap, the sense of inadequacy and insecurity, the sense of guilt and the possibility of overcoming them with effective work on assertive communication, which can help women to push themselves beyond those attitudes that are still sexist and defend themselves against injustice, were discussed.

Of the need to gain that confidence to plead one's own decisions both personally and professionally (relationship between care and performativity), overcoming the gender stereotypes of the traditional context, of which very often one is not fully aware.

Central to the theme is the identification of personal values and a development strategy, overcoming the "by the day" approach to define a medium/long-term strategic plan that can help achieve balance between the personal, work and family spheres.

Another cue provided was the need to optimize communication, not only on a professional level to gain effectiveness and authority with colleagues/collaborators and clients, but also on a personal level, to effectively convey one's ambitions with a consequent distribution of care burdens without submitting to gender bias.

It was the perfect opportunity for Promeco to offer concrete tools and valuable pathways for women to learn how to live and share a peaceful, balanced and fulfilling life. Those interested in learning more can download an excerpt of the webinar slides below (mainly containing a summary of the survey data) or contact Cristina Pedretti directly.

Empowerment femminile al servizio della realizzazione 2024
Download PDF • 3.51MB


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